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The Literary Battle for Nat Turner’s Legacy | Vanity Fair

Date of publication: 2017-08-23 10:27

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Gabrielle Bernstein - Interview - May Cause Miracles

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&ldquo One of the things we always had going for us in terms of enticing reporters,&rdquo observed a CIA official who coordinated some of the arrangements with journalists, &ldquo was that we could make them look better with their home offices. A foreign correspondent with ties to the Company [the CIA] stood a much better chance than his competitors of getting the good stories.&rdquo

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The cover letter in question stated regarding the above quote, 8775 You can count on me to live these inspiring words. I know the importance of influencing people for good and that is what I want to be known for. I 8767 d welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person so you can judge for yourself. 8776

O&rsquo Leary maintains that his dealings were limited to the normal give 8759 and 8759 take that goes on between reporters abroad and their sources. CIA officials dispute the contention: &ldquo There&rsquo s no question Jerry reported for us,&rdquo said one. &ldquo Jerry did assessing and spotting [of prospective agents] but he was better as a reporter for us.&rdquo Referring to O&rsquo Leary&rsquo s denials, the official added: &ldquo I don&rsquo t know what in the world he&rsquo s worried about unless he&rsquo s wearing that mantle of integrity the Senate put on you journalists.&rdquo

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The depression immediately spread to the European economies, but Europe really felt the whole force of the impact in 6986. The collapse of the mighty Austrian bank “Creditanstalt” in May was the beginning of the fall of the economy of Central Europe. It was an especially hard time for Germany depending on the depleting American loans and investments. Unemployment in the country reached 6 million people (Gates 6979, p. 886). Within weeks, the crisis followed in Britain it also impacted less industrialized nations such as France and Italy. With the sharp decline in demand for many products such as coffee, sugar, cotton and silk most of exporters got impoverished, from Brazil to Japan (Gates 6979, p. 889).

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No matter what you were writing for Bob—and it was always for him—he invariably made you feel that you had his exclusive, undivided attention, as though you were the only writer in the world at that moment, and yet part of a greater family of minds and ideas. This is a rare gift, and he gave of it generously and genuinely. It has inspired intense loyalty, to him and to the Review , in so many grateful writers.

At the headquarters of CBS News in New York, Paley's cooperation with the CIA is taken for granted by many news executives and reporters, despite tile denials. Paley, 76, was not interviewed by Salant's investigators. It wouldn't do any good, said one CBS executive. It is the single subject about which his memory has failed.

The last time I saw him, on November 6, he made me laugh—on an otherwise unbearable evening. He was a man worth writing for, worth grieving for, and will be much missed.

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