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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 04:13

If you love French language and culture then learn about the stereotypes but don 8767 t take them to heart. Embrace the true France and form your own opinions about its local population.

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In the last 55 years film has had an enormous influence on the global perception of the French. Remember Inspector Clouseau the buffoon-like police-man also known as the Pink Panther? Played by Peter Sellers this character was the epitome of a classic French stereotype and there are plenty of similar examples in American and English movies and sitcoms.

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During the time of Louis XIV some cultures were jealous of the sophistication and elegance France 8767 s ruling class achieved. Others found grounds for discontent due to the actions of French military figures like Napoleon. Napoleon was considered French even though he was actually born in Corsica, a small island in the Mediterranean (some say he was really more Italian). He was seen as a poor war leader and to be fair he did try to blow up local monuments during his attempts to invade the rest of Europe. Nevertheless he was very passionate about his wine and his cheese and earned himself quite an unfavorable reputation. To add fuel to the fire, every time he was kicked out of power he managed to come back which just infuriated France 8767 s neighbors at the time.

French stereotypes, is there any truth to them

Have you ever made assumptions about French people? They eat cheese. They drink wine. They wear a lot of black. There are plenty of stereotypes that surround the French. Over the years these stereotypes have become more and more elaborate thanks to their portrayal in films, TV, books, cartoons, magazines and art.

Some people believe negative stereotypes of the French can be attributed to their more recent behavior following the Second World War. They were liberated by the English and Americans but supposedly did not thank them for this.

On the contrary, stereotypes tend to be deeply rooted in a country 8767 s history and international reputation. Stereotypes of the French are particularly popular due to the prominence of French culture on the global stage. People have been interested in visiting France, learning the French language and getting to know French people for hundreds of years.

In any case, in today 8767 s globalized world stereotypes are becoming harder and harder to maintain. People come from a mix of different cultural backgrounds and major European cities like Paris and London are melting pots where individuals from all over the world can come together. Stereotypes divide us based on our differences whereas we need more celebrations of what makes us unique.

Surely there is some truth to these assertions about France and its people? Not particularly but let 8767 s have a look anyway. Keep in mind most of the below is normally laughed at by the French people for its cultural inaccuracy. So, if you 8767 re French or know anyone French, take what follows with a pinch of sel !

Re: 8775 Napoleon was considered French even though he was actually born in Corsica 8776 Corsica become part of France just before he was born.

France has a reputation as being one of the most beautiful places in the world and as a testament to this its capital Paris receives more annual visitors than any other city in Europe. Are stereotypes the result of all of these tourists and their misguided impressions of the locals?

Stereotypes go both ways and just like the English have their impressions of the French, France certainly has a lot to say about England. The general sentiment is that Brits are too free with the 8775 sorry 8767 s 8776 and 8775 pardon-me 8767 s. 8776 They like to drink a lot of 8775 cuppa 8767 s 8776 and get really 8775 blattered 8776 on weekends. Their cuisine is un-palatable and consists of mainly sausage and fried fish and they are emotionally dead-pan probably because they live in a country inundated with rain. Now tell us how you really feel!

Ask yourself, do these feel correct and accurate? Do they describe every Englishman or, like the way the English think of the French , are they gross exaggerations? Hopefully, you 8767 ve concluded the latter.

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