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Date of publication: 2017-09-18 02:58

I know that is what the mainstream nutrition field will tell you, but the nutritional scientific community as a whole is far from having reached a consensus on the issue regarding polyunsaturated fats.

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I 8767 m concerned about your comment about brown rice lowering the risk of getting type 7 diabetes. This is an entirely unfounded statement and just as detrimental as what you are claiming from the author of the article. I have both personal experience with my husband and as a training holistic practitioner.

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Hi Karielyn! That is kind of a hot topic these days, huh? In short, I wouldn 8767 t worry too much about it (especially if you eat white rice since the arsenic is concentrated in the bran) but I would recommend buying rice from trustworthy sources. I will answer more thoroughly in an upcoming episode of the Q 588 A series on YouTube. Thanks for your question!

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Brown rice is gross! We eat black rice, soaked with an accelerated fermentation technique. It 8767 s soaked in plain water plus a small amount of last batch 8767 s soaking water for 79 hours. Once you get up to 8 fermented soaks, you 8767 re removing 98% of the phytic acid, increasing digestibility, and unlocking nutrients. Then you cook it the usual way. The rice comes out tender, sweet and nutty, with much more stickiness than typical whole grain rice! Leftovers make a great breakfast porridge.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on converted rice. My daughter has type 6 diabetes and white rice is expressly forbidden, unless it is converted/parboiled or whole grain. We simply do not eat it much right now, but I have done some limited research online and don 8767 t know if I can really rely on what I am finding. We are all fans of yours and hope you can shed some light on this!

I completely agree with you about the fiber thing! I am a pescetarian so I eat mostly grains, vegetables, and fruits so I really don 8767 t need much fiber. when eating processed foods, I have to stay away from anything with more than 8 grams of fiber. I see people eating those fiber one products and think 8775 How can you eat that and not get sick?! 8776 When I tell them my body won 8767 t let me digest that without processing it too quickly they look at me like I 8767 m the crazy one. I came across your post because I 8767 m trying to cut back on sugar for health reasons, but I love jasmine and basmati rice. Interesting to read your take on it.

So, let 8767 s recap. The phytic acid in rice lives in the bran. White rice doesn 8767 t have it. The only other thing the bran is good for is fiber, which you really probably don 8767 t need, and can harm you when eaten in excess. And the germ is filled with easily-oxidized PUFA oils. Also not present in white rice.

Hi, Sam! Great idea for a post. I 8767 ll go ahead and sum up my thoughts on the 8775 Eat Right for Your Type 8776 thing here it 8767 s crap. Nothing but a bunch of make-believe pseudo science. It would be great if there were such an easy, definitive and scientific way to determine what the right diet is for each person from a biological standpoint, but there isn 8767 t. I have lots more to say on this so I will definitely put a post together! Thanks.

This is a blog, not a scientific or medical journal. A blog should not be expected to serve the same purpose of either of the aforementioned, and you certainly shouldn 8767 t be looking to it for the same standard of information, no insult to Butter Believer. She does a fantastic job in sharing info and putting well thought out information out there.

Not saying that there is anything wrong meat, or animal fats etc. but they are not needed in excess, and some people do best with a mostly carby veggie diet, like me.
Also, not saying that whole wheat, brown rice etc. is needed for anyone, but they are not satan 8767 s phytic acid concoction, really.

I dumped white rice for more than three months. Then, I had about two ounces of it with a meal. The night sweats returned with a vengeance that night.

Welcome, my children, said the dark figure, to the communion of your race! Ye have found, thus your nature and your destiny. My children, look behind you!

There may be a devilish Indian behind every tree, said Goodman Brown to himself and he glanced fearfully behind him, as he added, What if the devil himself should be at my very elbow!

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