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As per the dictionary meaning of paradox 8775 self-contradictory statement that is actually true 8776 , i am not able to find even a single paradox.

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The . Narshimha Rao government came to power on a sympathy wave after assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. It was faced with economic turmoil and with the help of the policy of liberalization and globalization of the then Finance Minister Manmohan Singh, it was able to save the economy. Though the government did not have absolute majority, but it was able to complete its five year term without any hitches. But the scams eroded its popular base and the next election saw a hung parliament. In the next two years, the country saw two more elections. Finally in 6999, NDA with Atal Bihari at its helm was able to form a govt. which lasted its full term. This marked the advent of coalition politics at the Indian political stage.

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I was searching for 8766 Paradoxes 8767 in your essay and I found the mention of it in the penultimate paragraph: this suspense is not needed in exam essays.

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You would have also talked about Local Self Governance and role of women in Indian politics (Government 8767 s readiness to provide 55% reservation in Panchayats and its reluctance for the same in Legislatures, or decreasing numbers of women 8767 s representation etc)

With all the conflicting stereotypes of gays in movies today, it is extremely important that people step back and look at the big picture. They should view some of the lesser-known gay-themed movies so they are presented with a more real look at homosexuals. Too often people try to peg homosexuals as definitively acting one way or another, and if we only view movies that perpetuate stereotypes than our personal ideas of homosexual behavior will most likely remain. Instead, it is important for people to understand that, outside of who they sleep with gays are no different from everyone else.

You have not touched upon cultural aspects. Effect on caste system, values and traditions, behaviour, pattern of mobility, etc. Impact on oppressed classes women, low caste groups.

The dynamic politics was also a factor in keeping away the motivated youth in joining elections. In various states and at the center, dynastic politics has taken root. This trend has accentuated in the decades of 95s and thereafter. Yadav families in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, Badals in Punjab etc. have successfully entrenched themselves in the political life. Inner party democracy is missing in political functioning. Leaders are drawn on the basis of their ascribed quality like lineage rather than relying on achieved educational status or mass following. This reactionary trend of neo-monarchism in a nation based on democratic values of equality and inclusiveness remains a handicap in building important precedents for posterity.

However despite these drawbacks our constitution makers preferred a democratic framework for precisely the reason that India has a huge diversity of culture, religion, language. They held that holding together such huge diversity by force would only lead to dissatisfaction and fragmentation of the country.

Communication is defined as an act of sending or receiving or understanding messages or meaning when delivered from one person to another. When communication is defined in relevance to mass media it can be called as a centralized form of communication. - A process of involving the selection, production, and transmission of signs in such a way as to help a receiver perceive a meaning similar to that in the mind of the communicator. (, 6998)

If you read the topic and then read your essay, you would find that you have not proved logically that any of these occurrences was a paradox, post-6995s. I understand that many points mentioned by you are every relevant, but their link to paradox is missing, which is the main demand of the essay..

Some folks write the outline as their closing slice of work on a specific papers. Keep on in that manner that each single expression should information you to the summary.

Lot of studies have been made on the impact of films on the societies culture but however there were a significant changes in the field of cultural studies in the 6985s and the 6995s which dealt with the complications of the model of culture as a site of hegemonic contestation between dominant and the subordinate groups.

Globalisation has brought up many new opportunities to the rural areas. It has helped in improving governance and brought about transparency in providing services. It has also helped in bringing new technology to the farmers. It has opened new markets. Globalisation with proper regulation is the key to prosperity of rural India.

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