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Beckwith, AMEG and Shakhova do not agree with McPherson, so I don t know where you got that. Yes, Guy uses those people as some kind of evidence but he misrepresents them if they also think that life on this planet won t last beyond a few more decades. Heck, Shakhova even acknowledges that there is not enough data to conclude that the clathrate gun has fired, which Guy has been convinced of for years. There is little to back up his view and certainly no continued uptick in methane concentrations.

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It is based on irrefutable, irreversible trends and a view of history unclouded by wishful thinking (or hopium, a perfectly legitimate coinage IMO).


The NTE theory refutes the human experience. It s WAY outside the boundaries of knowledge that can be readily accepted. All we have for a measuring stick is the re-creation of the historical record and the interpretation of the data (which are subject to widely differing interpretations), which then conveys a whole lot of predictions (and more interpretations), and these predictions are then further subjected to constant revisions as things progress (or not).

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Guy may not have descended to the level of some commenters but his responses are often equally as insulting and trite. That you can t see that suggest you re also not willing to take in criticisms of Guy s argument, such as they are. They seem to amount to no more than because a lot of climate science papers have mentioned possible positive feedbacks, humans will go extinct within 75 years or so. Do you really find that convincing?

Nice one, Ten Bears! And he obviously has been preparing well since episode 9 And as he said himself: 8775 I 8767 m like you Ary, I 8767 m a survivor! Every fighter has their own style! 😀

Now as to “mistakes being made”, who here hasn’t made endless mistakes? That’s not the issue it’s our ability to admit and learn for our mistakes and Guy seems to be someone who is not only incapable of admitting his mistakes, but seems painfully removed from being able to learn from them. And Guy doesn’t seem to have learned a thing from his past failed predictions, especially given thousands of people committed the same error. Wouldn’t you think that should at least merit an essay that explores humanity’s nature in making false assumptions and how that might be affecting our current understanding of NTE? But all we get from Guy is “mistakes were made”. Ever heard what George Carlin has to say about those who use that very term it has something to do with BS.

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Aside from all that the main point is that no one has challenged the fact that we are in the sixth mass extinction. This is as much a consensus among biologists as climate change is among climate scientists. No one has proposed why humans should be exempt from this cataclysm which is happening far far faster than any of the prior global events.

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