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Date of publication: 2017-09-05 18:51

The Communist Party [Marxists] has only 67 women in its 655 member National Council, and 8 women in its 76 member National Executive. Though theoretically women 8767 s representation in politics is regarded as the first step towards women empowerment, the socio-political atmosphere has not yet become conducive for that.

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Studies have revealed that our women themselves are neglecting their own health. Normally Indian women consume less food [that is, on an average 655 calories a day] and spend more energy on work. Women toil for the good of the family and children even at the cost of neglecting their own health.

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They give them importance because males are wanted during their old age to offer protection, males have greater scope than women and occupational avenues are also wider for males than for females.

Media has an important role to play in strengthening women 8767 s position. While pronouncing women 8767 s weaknesses, it must also emphasise their strength. It must awaken women from the slumber of centuries, inform them, mobilise them and motivate them whenever required. It must give due publicity to women 8767 s struggle for justice, equality and fairplay. This will help them in regenerating power. The present role of the media in this regard is not that encouraging, but disappointing.

Dowry is both a practice and a problem associated with the Indian marriage. Though it was more in practice among the Hindus, it has now spread to almost all the religious communities of India.

Of every 655 women employed, % of them are illiterate and % of them have studied only up to elementary level. Of every 655 women working in the rural areas, % are illiterate.

Excepting the glamorous film actresses and politicians, in all other fields, women are not given importance on par with men. Government officials also practise this discriminatory treatment in dealing with the people.

The percentage increase of working women during the last decade was double that of male workers. The main problem with these female workers is that they are harassed in work place in different ways. 8775 Harassment 8776 refers to the basic violation of an individual 8767 s rights. Not only the rights of working women are violated, they are often sexually harassed also.

But when the question of exercising power comes, it is always the man who dominates. His decisions are final and his orders are ultimate. The female voice is always suppressed.

Who is most likely to be victimised by violent crime? Women are less likely to be victimised by violent crime than men, though or some crimes and among some groups of women, victimisation is higher than men. Violence against women is not a new phenomenon in India. 8775 Women in Indian society have been victims of ill-treatment, humiliation, torture, and exploitation for as long as written records of social organisation and family life are available.

The burden of protecting and rearing of children also lies on the wife. Jobless and resourceless divorced women find themselves in a big economic crisis. and beautiful divorced women find it difficult to suppress their sex urge. They are often forced to resort to illicit ways of satisfying it. It usually leads to family disintegration.

Political corruption, criminalisation of politics, erosion of political values, disappearance of political decency, instability, lawlessness, terrorism and confusion have been increasing in our public life since 6985s. This state of confused political situation has discouraged women from taking active role in politics.

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