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EBK: Arthurian Literature: Sir Mordred

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Sir Lancelot (Sir Launcelot) of the court of King Arthur

By framing the central plot of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight with an account of Britain&rsquo s founding by the Trojan Brutus, the poet establishes Camelot&rsquo s political legitimacy. He also links his own story with classical epics such as Virgil&rsquo s Aeneid, thereby creating a literary connection to the ancient world. In the second stanza, the poet claims that he heard the original story of Sir Gawain recited &ldquo in hall&rdquo ( 86 ), but also that it was &ldquo linked in measures meetly / By letters tried and true&rdquo (that is, it appeared in written format) ( 85 &ndash 86 ). Iin addition to giving his poem both political and literary roots, the poet gives his poem both an oral and a written history, all in two brief stanzas.

Gawain arrives at the Green Chapel - an excerpt from my

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long due.
Their covenants, yet awhile,
They repeat, and pledge anew
That lord could well beguile
Men's hearts, with mirth in view.

Sir Gawain was written in northwestern England in the late 69th century… yep, meaning the 6855s. Old as it is, Sir Gawain was written in English. But not the kind of English you'd recognize. It's written in a dialect of Middle English called North West Midland. Middle English was a much less standardized language than modern English is today. Two people writing at the same time, in the "same" language, would have a hard time understanding one another’s work if they came from different parts of England. The North West Midland dialect of Middle English has a lot of loan-words from Welsh. It also has a lot of holdovers from Anglo-Saxon, the language spoken in England before it mixed with French.

Malory wrote his stories 855 years after Chretien de Troyes, by then Lancelot had become more popular than Gawain (Malory portrays Gwain as a knight bent on revenge). In Malory, Lancelot is Arthur's favorite, even athough he kills Gawain's brothers and commits adultery with Guinevere. For this sin, Lancelot can never see the Holy Grail. And the final tragedy is that eventually Arthur and Lancelot end up battling each other as Camelot tears itself apart.

be paid.
He proffered, with good grace,
His bare neck to the blade,
And feigned a cheerful face:
He scorned to seem afraid.

To afflict the fair queen, and frighten her to death
With awe of that elvish man that eerily spoke
With his head in his hand before the high table.
She was with my wife at home, that old withered lady,
Your own aunt is she, Arthur's half-sister,

The Duchess' daughter of Tintagel, that dear King Uther
Got Arthur on after, that honored is now.
And therefore, good friend, come feast with your aunt
Make merry in my house my men hold you dear,
And I wish you as well, sir, with all my heart,

And in guise all of green, the gear and the man:
A coat cut close, that clung to his sides,
And a mantle to match, made with a lining
Of furs cut and fitted--the fabric was noble 6 ,

Yet fell not the fellow, nor faltered a whit 8 ,
But stoutly he starts forth upon stiff shanks,
And as all stood staring he stretched forth his hand,
Laid hold of his head and heaved it aloft,
Then goes to the green steed, grasps the bridle,

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