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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 00:36

KEY MOMENT TEXT 6 . This is evident when he discusses how, at school, your social class was defined not just by your clothes but also by how you spent your summers in his case 8775 working as a dishwasher in the kitchen crew at a YMCA camp 8776 a fact which he vows never to reveal to his classmates.

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should we take one text as an anchor text to which we use as a basis of our answer and relate our other texts back to it or should we treat the three equally?

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Hi thanks this is really helpful! For the comparative essay, is it necessary to compare all three texts in each paragraph or could I compare : A and B in one, B and C in the next and then A and B again or A and B, B and C, then ABC.
Thanks again, this website is brilliant!

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LINKING PHRASE & STATEMENT TEXT 7 . Similarly, in GEN, Emily comes from a broken home, but it is her family 8767 s absolute impoverishment which she keeps hidden from her classmates. Like the narrator in OS, she fears their pity but unlike him she is already dealing with the harsh reality of being a social outcast at school.

You can refer in passing to your anchor text but that 8767 s all really. Your time is limited and you don 8767 t want to repeat yourself. However, if you briefly touch on something you 8767 ve already discussed in order to illustrate a point or connect the texts more clearly, that 8767 s fine. But the word 8766 briefly 8767 is key here. Part two asks you to discuss your other two texts, so you need to give what you 8767 re being asked for not repeat what you 8767 ve already said

I think 8 seems a bit skimpy but there 8767 s no hard and fast rule. Discuss three and then the ending of each text would prob work. Also, you 8767 re better to do three and keep within the time frame than obsess over getting four in and run over time, which lots and lots of students do with the comparative. To my mind one of the most important things student should do in the exam is STICK TO THEIR TIMINGS. Paper 7 65 marks, 65 minutes, 75 marks, 75 minutes, 75 marks, 75 minutes, 55 marks, 55 minutes.

6. To what extent does the narrator express approval of Emma, and to what extent does the narrator criticize her? Choose a passage from the novel and analyze the sympathy and/or ironic judgment the narrator expresses in relation to the protagonist.

Thanks Brid x I miss you all in Flannans. Weirdly lunch time duty is one of the things I miss the most, I think because I was almost always rostered on alongside you or Leone and we got a chance to shoot the breeze about English and kids and our own kids.. and the Christmas party!!! Hugs to all xxx

Quotes aren 8767 t necessary the way they are with the single text. However, to get a high grade (above a B8 say) a few well chosen quotes here and there which are relevant to whatever you 8767 re discussing would really impress an examiner.

What aspect of a film should you discuss in general viewpoint? I know it depends on the question but I mean to support as sort of quotes. And I 8767 m referring to only general vision and viewpoint. Apart from the endings and the start.

Hi Evelyn i was just wondering how much you should write for a comparative Q. or the entire P7 for ordinary level, I had a look on one of your guide (how much to write?] but didn 8767 t know was it for HIGHER LEVEL or Ordinary or for both. When we finished our exam i was told by some of me mates dat they wrote about 66 pages for a comparative Q., bcze I personally did less than 65 for de whole paper,

“ examiners were pleased when they saw candidates trust in their own personal response and demonstrate a willingness to challenge the ‘fixed meaning’ of texts. The best answers managed to remain grounded, both in the question asked and in the texts ”.

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