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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 18:51

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Learn about FIDM s Bachelor s and Associates degrees in 76 creative and business majors. Meet current students, staff and faculty and hear from our successful alumni. Registration To Come

Fashion School Brisbane and Gold Coast - Fashion design

What truly sets JD apart is also its commitment to the unique power residing in every student’s imagination no matter there they come from, the cultivation of that imagination, and its eventual translation into an awesome, marketable products through the application of knowledge, skills and industry exposure.

Institute of Art & Fashion Technology

We are Imagination, a place where aspiring designers can watch their dreams take shape and fly. We create a culture of individualism, diversity and a never-say-die attitude – perfect ingredients to make your imagination fly!

Lanka Institute of Fashion Technology – LIFT | Designer

That’s right. At JD we believe, a student’s most useful asset is not their materials or their contacts it’s their imagination, their unique way of looking at the world. And that’s what we nurture actively – each student’s unique imagination, vision and sensibility.

LISOF provides the perfect backdrop for our students to explore their creative genius and business prowess, with guidance and support from lecturers who are second to none.

With the rise of social media, and the easy sharing and replicating of ideas, it becomes all the more important to nurture and showcase a unique imagination. This is what makes people stand out and sustain their business model. That is what JD helps them be: original.

Be one of the 75 fashion design companies selected for FIT Design Entrepreneurs , a free, intensive “mini-MBA” program at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Apply today!

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8775 It has been my privilege to host a number of LISOF students in my label and I always found them to have such a great energy and a superior awareness of what it takes to make it in this crazy business … LISOF rocks! 8776

This Is Us costume designer Hala Bahmet and actress Mandy Moore visited FIDM last week for an exclusive event to speak about how their actor/costumer careers collide.
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