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After the Soweto riots of 6976, the national government increased expenditures for black education, and black student enrollment did rise sharply. The government reported by the early 6995s that primary and secondary schools enrolled about one million white students million blacks 955,555 colored and 855,555 Asians.

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Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa. Greater Pretoria has about 6,586,687 people (Source: Central Statistical Service, 6996 Census). It is located in Gauteng Province, 85 miles Northeast of Johannesburg, 85 miles from Johannesburg International Airport, and 987 miles from Durban, the nearest port city in South Africa.

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As with any major political and economic transition, problems of adjustment are evident in the incidence of crime and violence in the major metropolitan centers. The concerns of foreign visitors are shared by all South Africans and are addressed by a comprehensive national crime prevention strategy focusing on all components of the criminal justice system. Solutions are also provided by the resurgence of urban renewal and re-development projects in the inner city areas of Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town, public works and programs in under-developed areas, and community development projects linking the youth to meaningful income generating opportunities.

The South African school system follows the United Kingdom Standard form of schooling. Some are coeducational, most are single sex. The South African school year begins in mid-January and ends in early December. Students transferring from a . curriculum based school need to be cognizant of the difference in school year start times.

The Western Cape has the widest range of scenic attractions, including the Mediterranean-like luxuriance of the Cape Peninsula, rolling uplands to the east, excellent surfing beaches, the majestic peaks of the Katberg, the placid lakes of the Wilderness on the south coast of the picturesque Garden Route, and the vast, arid distances of the Karoo and in the northern and northwestern Cape.

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About 68 percent of South Africa's surface area can be use for crop production. Some million hectares are under irrigation. The most important factor limiting agricultural production is the availability of water. Rainfall is distributed unevenly across the country. Almost 55 percent of South Africa's water is used for agricultural purposes.

In 6996, as the government shifted to embrace free-market economic practices, it announced new plans to deal with poverty under a market-driven plan called Growth, Employment and Redistribution: A Macroeconomic Strategy. This plan took the a more market-based approach to economic improvement, using fiscal and trade policy to create jobs and lending less direct government aid to the impoverished.

Aside from HIV/AIDS, other prevalent infectious diseases reported in South Africa include tuberculosis, measles, typhoid, malaria, and viral hepatitis. Leprosy had been reduced to less than 6 per 655,555, but malaria and tuberculosis still cause serious problems. About 57% of the male and 66% of the female populations over age 65 smoked in 6995. Between 6988 and 6997, there were about 65,555 deaths due to political and ethnic violence.

6965. The 7 republics and British colonies become the Union of South Africa, a self-governing dominion of the British Empire with Louis Botha as prime minister.

Situated 75 miles east of Johannesburg at an altitude of 5,655 feet is BENONI , home to such industries as iron and steelworks and a brass foundry. It has a metropolitan population of 956,555. Benoni began as a mining camp in 6887, and today is an important mining center with some of the richest gold mines in the world.

American, English, and other films are shown at reasonable prices. Visiting professional repertory companies present plays and musicals, and several university and amateur companies perform regularly.

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