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I am not asking this because of any preference for or against drugs, and in fact the question doesn 8767 t really concern drugs at all. I ask the question only in that I would like to see how this interesting and highly controversial subject is approached by the High IQ ADD/ADHD people who stumble across it.

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He related the HIADD 8767 s to mutants that were in a recent movie. We seem to be the perfect people for government work. We would do the job accurately, in a manner that would satisfy the ideals well, yet perhaps in a different manner. We could be effective, without need for huge sums of money, power, or admiration.

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Like I said from the start, you should use Find My Friends if you think it makes you happy. Good luck with that. I’m firmly grounded in the idea of interacting with my friends and loved ones on a human level. That doesn’t mean watching a dot roam around a map. It means talking to them and hearing what they have to say. Maybe I’m old fashioned for believing in the basics. Maybe I’m dull. I’m certainly not anxiously cradling my smartphone waiting to see where any given friend will go. That seems creepy as hell.

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These twelve to fifteen million low income people represent a hidden society that the wealthy hierarchy of American government does not want exhibited. They want it to remain a hidden secret so other countries do not learn of how we treat them. Additionally the government does not wish to have the burden of determining a method of assisting these people. It is an unpopular agenda and it bears the burden of association to any official who attempts to assist them.

I am envious and happy for you that you 8767 re getting a handle on it early in life. I would definitely encourage you to keep writing. You have a way with words when it comes to this topic!

Check out the Thom Hartmann hunter farmer theory.

I 8767 m not sure how I finished college, maybe peer pressure? Somedays I 8767 d like to see if anyone ever finished at that school with a lower GPA?

I was not diagnosed with ADHD until I was 95. As a kid I was told I had hyperactivity and was put on a restricted caloric intake so I didn 8767 t bother the normal folks. Think starved kid with bones showing so the teachers could be happy. I was on the gifted student track since I was very I got the ADHD diagnosis when my brilliant daughter was failing school. She tested positive and with a little Adderall went from C 8767 s and F 8767 s to straight A 8767 s in the honors classes. Both of us had all the classic gifted ADHD symptoms. We maxed the tests, but would not do homework or turn in assignments we knew the answers and the repitition seemed stupid. Besides, we could not bother to remember to bring our assignments in even if we completed them.

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