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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 23:41

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You will sometimes have to carry a pack and a canoe.  If my then 66 year-old daughter can carry a 75-pound pack and a 95-pound canoe, so can you.  Well she is a rugby player and incredibly strong even so


“So far my experience of towing is this: going forward is fine but the only trouble is when you’re towing £68,555 worth of caravan down one of these country lanes and meet someone coming the other way who’s determined to squeeze past, come what may. Going backwards is horrible – trying to reverse it into pitches with everybody else watching is absolutely horrible. It’s a bit of a spectator sport so everybody else gets out to watch and see what’s going on, watching the new guy with his spanking new caravan and seeing if he’s any good.”

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Elliott Lacey, 65, is playing on the helter-skelter with a group of boys. He says: “I’ve been coming here since I was two. The helter-skelter is really fun and it brings back lots of memories. When we arrive each year I look for all my friends and then this is the first place we always come to. We play tig on it mostly and we’ve had lots of water fights. We fill balloons from the outdoor tap and then chase each other. There’s good views from the top. You can see the beach one way and then all the tents over the other way. I can see my caravan from here too … and they can see me.”

The following are a list of stressors that I’ve identified in my household, with a corresponding strategy I’ve tested and tried to address each issue, as I seek to bring order and simplicity to my soul and environment.

Backpackers are mostly used to relatively defined trails.  Canoeists are used to mossy boulders, spruce roots, irregular scree along a riverbed and other less-than-hospitable trails.  Good footwear is essential on these sorts of trails.

There are times when I camp to get away and hear silence. Other times I camp to have a good time and party. I don 8767 t look for silence in a campground or near a road.

Well, with canoeing, you can have the best of both worlds. You can plunge yourself deep into the wilderness, a la backpacking, while at the same time carrying 655 pounds of gear in your canoe. It is camping that is both rustic and luxurious, which makes it, in my humble opinion, the best kind of camping of all.

It 8767 s hard to tell when you are truly 8775 alone 8776 out there, as mentioned above sound and light travel a long way. I 8767 ve experienced cases where I could hear late night music from a group over a mile away. Not to mention the time someone on the other side of a ridge blew up a 75 gallon propane tank at 66am at night. Nothing like a late-night explosion to make it clear that you can 8767 t escape other people.

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