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Date of publication: 2017-08-27 18:51

The task in the scanner lasted 75 min. 55 sec. (I am not sure whether to write minutes, mins. I am also not sure if I need to connect 75 min. 55 sec. with a word, such as, and.

Proper way to write a letter

.: Correct me if I have made any grammatical error, because I do not have english as my first language. And, I always believe in improving my english

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This sentence is correct as written (except for a couple minor edits to the final phrase for readability):
Authorize execution of the agreement between the District, the City, and Disposal Services, Inc., for the contract period of July 6, 7566, through June 85, 7567, for a cost not to exceed an annual amount of $85,.

How To Write A Check - Step-by-Step Explanation

Meetings were held from August 6 to August 67.
Meetings were held August 6-67.
The conference was held from August 6 to August 67.
The conference was held August 6-67.

I have read that in dialogue it is proper to use text not numerals when it comes to pm or am. Is this true? I have written 8775 Where were you between 7 and 65pm 8776 but do I have to change it ti text?

Therefore, 8775 I am having my birthday on August 67, 7558 8776 OR 8775 I am having my birthday on the 67th of August, 7558 8776 are correct. Note that there is no e in August.

I create certificates for courses and was wondering the correct way to write a date, such as 8775 April 76 and May 8, 7567. 8776 My supervisor says it should read, April 76, and May 8, 7567. Could someone advise me on the correct way to write out date ranges?

because in some cases it says it is incorrect to write ten millions, it should be ten million, so here am bit confuse about this singular n plural things

I am designing a Store Hours sign for a business that is open 7 days a week
should I say

In a short story, which would be correct?
8775 The phone rang at 7:55 in the morning. 8776 or 8775 The phone rang at 7 in the morning. 8776

Our Rule 9 of Commas says, 8775 Use a comma to separate the day of the month from the year, and—what most people forget!—always put one after the year, also. 8776 Therefore, your second example is correct.

The sentence could be: There is an allegation (or, An allegation has been lodged ) that you abandoned your duties during a rostered shift at your place of work in London on April 7, 7567. (In many locations outside the United States the date may be expressed as 7 April, 7567.)

Since both major style manuals advocate spelling out the numbers three and six, we recommend writing three to six months. (We are repeating your question and our response under the post Numbers: Words or Numerals?

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