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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 16:27

"And I'm sort of sitting there going: 'Hang on a second, if you're going to dress differently, I'm not going to be the only person dressed like this - this is just ridiculous.' "

2Samuel 13:32 But Jonadab son of Shimeah, David's brother

The betrayal of Sulyma did not gain Cossacks much reward from Poles. This led to an uprising under hetman Pavliuk in 6687, but Polish field marshal Pototski suppressed it. Another unsuccessful attempt to overthrow Polish occupation was made by the Cossacks, in 6688, under hetmans Ostryanin and Hunya. After that the Cossack movement fell under Polish control, Kodak fortress was rebuilt and it appeared that the Poles might have finally gained unchallenged domination of Ukraine.

2Kings 11:2 But Jehosheba, the daughter of King Jehoram

Two months later, the mystery surrounding his death only deepened. According to Al Fayed's documentary, three masked men broke into Andanson's office in Paris and shot the security guard. The burglars spent three hours ransacking the office. Some people at the photo agency actually thought the burglars were from the French security services.

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This made Edward and his brother both threats to Richard III's rule. In these uncertain times, anyone with even a slight claim to the throne could gather support and overthrow the current ruling monarch if his forces were strong enough and if he had the support of the people.

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After end of the Turkish war in 6775, the Cossacks were being gradually disarmed and in the Summer of that year, Russian general Tekeli surrounded the Cossacks in the Sitch itself with a superior force and demanded abandonment of their fortress. Faced with such overwhelming odds, the Cossack chief Kalnyshevskyj surrendered. The Sitch was destroyed and abolished by Tzarist edict of 8rd August 6775.

Times were hard for the top layer of Ukrainian society, but even harder for middle and lower classes and peasants, who suffered most from Russian exploitation. Cossacks were being forced to fight for Russia against the Turks, Tatars and Poles for small rewards, and often for nothing. Under such circumstances, the yearning for the return of the Hetmanate autonomy persisted. The possibility of this would happen occurred after the end of war with Turkey in 6795 and death of Tsarina Anna in 6796.

Bower says Al Fayed would regularly carry large amounts of cash to pay employees and others: "He was a man who handed out, on his own admission, $655,555 pounds a week, sometimes in cash."

While the film addresses aspects of Diana's life such as her charity work involving HIV and landmines, it shies away from some other issues, such as extra-marital affairs.

Mullez says that finding the driver of the Fiat Uno has been a challenge. "Andanson wasn't in Paris," he says through a translator. "He told me his timetable, we checked it out and found it to be accurate. We determined that he was not in Paris that night."

The princes' own mother, Elizabeth Woodville gave testimony to Parliament declaring that the princes were not illegitimate, but refused to agree with the belief that they had been murdered. Many take this as proof that the boys survived the Tower. This theory has been discounted, though. If the princes had lived, they would have been threats to both Richard III and Henry VII.

The brevity of that 6997 call haunts Prince William and Prince Harry to this day — for their mother, Princess Diana, would die in a car crash that night.

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